Working On New Riot Grrrl Online Website

I have been working on the new Riot Grrrl Online website which should be up and running in October or November.

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Updates To My Forum

I updated my new riot grrrl/feminist forum by changing the skin and some other stuff on there. Check it out:

I am only telling about these updates to the forum because I have changed a lot of stuff on the forum today.

Please join and post on the Riot Grrrl Online Forum. #feminism #riotgrrrl

This is a brand new Riot Grrrl Online Forum. Feel free to join and post on the forum.


I find doing things I enjoy doing helps me feel better when I’m in a bad mood.

Thinking Of Using This Blog Again

I am thinking of using this blog again, but I am wondering….How should I use the blog? I need ideas please.

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ok what?

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i believe whit my whole heart mind body that girls constitute a revolutionary soul force that can, and will change the world for real ! let’s get up girl riot !!

Not a question, but all I got to say is: AMEN.

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What are some of your favorite current riot grrrl zines & where can I get them?

I have quite a few current riot grrrl zines I can recommend, but I would recommend going to some riot grrrl webites. I also plan on adding a “Zines” section to my RGO website in the future. I think & places like twitter, facebook, etc. (look for riot grrrl groups/pages/zines on there) have quite a few riot grrrl zinesters on those places.

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What are you reading right now?

I don’t read much. I know that I should start reading in the future. I need to put that on a “to-do list”.

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where can i get my hands on some free riot grrrl zines?

I’m really not sure where you can get some free riot grrrl zines, but I do know where you can get some riot grrrl zines that you have to pay for.

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